Our retirement plans

Several years ago, we decided to initiate a retirement plan by lowering the number of girls that we kept. Since then we have not kept any replacement pups from their retiring mothers. Our last litter went to their new homes on September 20, 2020 and as of that date, we are officially retired.

There are many fine Golden breeders who are younger and have years to go. Goldens are in good hands.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our longtime hobby and passion raising Goldens and we thank all of you for your interest in Setherwood Golden Retrievers.


June bought her first Golden in 1960 and has enjoyed their company ever since. Her first dog was a male named "Reid's Goldrange Blonde Bomber" who did well in the show and obedience rings. His stud fees helped to pay for her years at University. After graduation we were able to welcome several Goldens (and four children) into our home.

The name Setherwood comes from a west coast grain which is a beautiful golden colour. We have held this kennel name since 1967 and registered puppies under this name between 1972 and 2020.

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